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Our Projects

  • The 1000 Days of Life Initiative is guided by the question of what we owe the new generation of newborns. It aims to provide an opportunity for all Americans to live healthy, flourishing, and thriving live. The project starts  by focusing on the crucial period from preconception to 24 months of age. 

  • Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant  is an innovative AI-powered digital assistant specifically designed to enhance health and well-being during the critical first 1000 days of life. Built on the salutogenic model, which emphasizes enabling health and wellness, the salutogenic assistant offers personalized, evidence-based health assessments and actionable insights.

  • Community Salutogenesis builds on facilitating  citizen community empowerment and democratic engagement that leverages social determinants to build resilient communities, focusing on environmental wellness, educational contexts, and workplace settings. The effort will focus initially on Montgomery County in Pennsylvania.

  • The transformation to a  salutogenic health care system  focuses on  bringing  about a fair, sustainable healthcare system that provides excellent services that are affordable and accessible to all Americans.

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