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 Healthcare System Transformation 


The transformation to a  salutogenic health care system  focuses on  bringing  about a fair, sustainable healthcare system that provides excellent services that are affordable and accessible to all Americans.


The salutogenic paradigm offers a transformative approach to healthcare that goes beyond just treating illness and instead focuses on strengthening resources to proactively promote wellbeing. This comprehensive framework recognizes that health is shaped by complex interactions between medical, social, cultural, and political factors. It expands interventions beyond the individual to encompass community and societal levels.

To fully implement this paradigm, the intricate healthcare system must be examined through a salutogenic lens. This requires studying system structures, stakeholders, and regulations to identify opportunities to prioritize resilience and wellbeing. The conventional disease-reactive model overlooks social determinants of health and individuals' existing strengths. The salutogenic approach aims to address these gaps.

Realizing this paradigm involves multifaceted efforts:

  • Translating successful salutogenesis-based clinical practices into widespread implementation through knowledge sharing.

  • Assessing current healthcare policies, cultures, and structures to evaluate alignment with salutogenic principles and pinpoint areas for improvement.

  • Developing new assessment tools and treatment plans that facilitate salutogenic-oriented, person-centered care.

  • Distributing information and resources to clinicians and the public that promote wellbeing and self-care capabilities.

  • Aggregating and disseminating research-backed interventions that effectively improve salutogenesis across diverse health contexts.

  • Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations across medical, social, religious, and community domains to advance comprehensive understanding and integration of salutogenesis.

  • Creating metrics that capture the holistic impacts of salutogenic care on wellbeing of individuals, communities, and society.

  • Building a centralized database of salutogenic tools and best practices to increase access.

  • Raising public awareness of salutogenesis through education and media to empower participation in health creation.


This paradigm shift requires engagement across all levels of healthcare. By adopting salutogenesis, the focus transforms from reactive disease treatment to proactive cultivation of health. This empowers individuals, communities and systems to unlock their potential for wellbeing and thriving.


The salutogenic model thus promises a revolution in healthcare delivery. It lays the groundwork for a new vision of health where individuals and communities flourish together in body, mind and spirit. This emerging paradigm calls us to be courageous partners in its realization.

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