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Salutogenesis in Settings and Environments

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At the Institute for Salutogenesis, our mission goes beyond individual health. We are dedicated to cultivating environments where optimal health is a reality for everyone, enabling both individuals and communities to achieve their fullest potential.


Salutogenesis in Settings and Environments focuses on  recognizing that health is shaped by our surroundings, we apply salutogenic principles across various settings—where we live, work, and socialize. This involves:

  • Community Well-Being: Enhancing environmental, educational, and workplace wellness through community-based projects.

  • The Salutogenic Community Project: Beginning in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, this initiative aims to empower communities and foster democratic engagement by enhancing community resilience and encouraging civic participation.

  • Workplace Health: We address the health implications of employment conditions and their impact on families, focusing on creating supportive work environments that contribute to overall well-being.

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