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About Salutogenesis 

Elements of  the Salutogenic Paradigm 

Sense of coherence (SOC)

  • General resistance resources (GRRs)

  • Specific resistance resources (SRRs) 


Additional features 

Upstream focus 

Measuring well-being

Embrace  complexity 


Personal Salutogenesis 

General Resources

  • Glossary of terms

Resources for Salutogenesis First 1000 Days of Life

Resources for Political Salutogenesis

  • Outcome Monitoring Dashboard : Develop an online dashboard tracking well-being outcomes, designed with user-friendliness in mind to enable citizens to easily manage and interact with this data. Understanding the real-time impact of policies can enhance the manageability aspect of citizens' SoC.

  • Gross Flourishing Index (GFI) : Create a GFI that takes a holistic approach to measuring societal well-being, incorporating indicators that citizens find meaningful—mental and emotional health, social connections, and more. Knowing that meaningful aspects of life are being measured and considered in policymaking enhances individuals' SoC.

  • Policy and Legislation Recommendations : Use research and data insights to propose policy recommendations that are coherent and aligned with the needs and preferences of the community. This will foster a sense of coherence among citizens, who will find it easier to understand and engage with political systems that reflect their values and needs.

  • Political Ecosystem Education: Design a curriculum that explains the political system in a coherent, manageable, and meaningful way. Being educated about the political ecosystem enhances comprehensibility, making it easier to engage with (manageability), and imbuing the process with a sense of purpose (meaningfulness).

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