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Our Focus

Focus Areas of the Institute for Salutogenesis

1. The First 1000 Days of Life

  • Overview: Our "Democracy of Opportunity" initiative is our pledge to the well-being of the next generation, starting from the earliest stages of life. We are dedicated to ensuring a healthy, thriving start for all American newborns.

  • Goal: Focusing on the vital first 1000 days - from preconception to a child's second birthday - this initiative aims to lay a strong foundation for long-term health and well-being. We strive to optimize these early years, crucial for setting the course of a child's future.


2. The Salutogenic Community

  • Overview: The Salutogenic Community Project stands at the core of our mission. This initiative is centered around empowering communities and encouraging active democratic participation.

  • Goal: Beginning in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the project focuses on leveraging social determinants to strengthen community resilience. Our efforts concentrate on enhancing environmental health, educational quality, and workplace wellness, ultimately fostering a more vibrant and healthy community life.


3. Healthcare Transformation Initiative

  • Overview: Taking a bold step to revolutionize the healthcare landscape in America, our Healthcare Transformation Initiative aims to create systemic change.

  • Goal: The goal is to develop a healthcare system that is equitable, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. This new system will prioritize not only treating illnesses but also promoting comprehensive health and well-being, ensuring high-quality, affordable healthcare services for all.


Each of these focus areas reflects our commitment to a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. We believe in creating opportunities for every individual to lead a life enriched with health, empowerment, and equality.

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