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Our Focus

The Institute for Salutogenesis is dedicated to transforming health and well-being across every stage of life. We adopt a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to foster health and flourishing at personal, social, and political levels. Our focus areas are designed to create environments where every individual can thrive, supported by innovative paradigms and real-world applications.

Salutogenesis Along the Life Course

Our focus is a life course approach to health and well-being, beginning with the critical "First 1000 Days of Life" through to old age. We embrace the salutogenic model to strengthen individual and community health. Our strategy integrates the salutogenic model to address the social determinants of health at every life stage.

  • The First 1000 Days: Emphasizing early life health, this period from preconception to a child's second birthday lays the foundation for long-term well-being.

  • Childhood: Tailored interventions support health and development throughout childhood.

  • Adulthood: Addressing the challenges and opportunities for adults to lead healthy, thriving lives.

  • Elderhood: Focusing on factors that contribute to well-being for elders, ensuring a dignified and fulfilling later life.


Salutogenesis in Settings and Environments

Recognizing that health is shaped by our surroundings, we apply salutogenic principles across various settings where we live, work, and socialize.

  • Community Well-being: Enhancing environmental, educational, and workplace wellness through community-based projects.

  • Optimal Environments: Cultivating surroundings that support both individual and community health, enabling everyone to achieve their fullest potential.


The Salutogenic Healthcare System 

We envision redefining American healthcare by prioritizing equity, sustainability, and accessibility. Our approach treats the whole person and proactively supports comprehensive health.

  • Equity and Sustainability: Creating a healthcare system that is fair and sustainable for all.

  • Proactive Health: Focusing on nurturing comprehensive health and well-being, not just treating illness.

  • Initiatives: This includes Self-Care, Academic Medicine and Clinical Practice, Research and Innovation, Advocacy and Public Health, and Digital Health.


Health of the Nation

Our Health of the Nation focus is driven by developing a set of salutogenic indicators to monitor and measure meaningful progress.

  • Ongoing Data and Information: Providing relevant data to address national health challenges.

  • Political Process: Creating a process to develop and utilize data sources for public use, ensuring that health-based indicators are used to inform policy and practice.


These focus areas reflect our commitment to not just health care but health creation, empowerment, and systemic change. By addressing the entire spectrum of factors that influence well-being, the Institute for Salutogenesis aims to lead a paradigm shift in health, envisioning a future where every individual has the opportunity to achieve their best health across all stages of life.

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