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Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant

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Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant is an innovative AI-powered digital assistant specifically designed to enhance health and well-being during the critical first 1000 days of life. Built on the salutogenic model, which emphasizes enabling health and wellness, Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant offers personalized, evidence-based health assessments and actionable insights.


Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant can be envisioned as an advanced extension of the traditional APGAR test, which evaluates the immediate physical health of newborns. While the APGAR test is a one-time assessment at birth, The Salutogenic Assistant facilitates an ongoing, multidimensional process spanning the crucial first 1000 days—from conception to a child's second birthday. This groundbreaking AI-powered digital assistant offers a transformative approach to health and well-being, going far beyond immediate physical parameters to include a wide array of factors that contribute to lifelong flourishing.

Rooted in the salutogenic model, The Salutogenic Assistant emphasizes the proactive creation and maintenance of health, offering personalized, evidence-based assessments and actionable insights. Aligned with the Democracy of Opportunity Initiative and the Citizenism Paradigm, the platform operates on the ethical imperative that equitable access to health and well-being resources is foundational to a thriving democracy, thus extending its focus beyond individual wellness to foster community health and civic participation.

The Salutogenic Assistant employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to sift through a wealth of multimodal health data, including clinical records, checklists, nutritional logs, and social determinants. This ensures a holistic view of maternal and infant well-being by accounting for family dynamics, environmental factors, and broader social contexts.

The platform integrates foundational AI models, plugins, autonomous agents, and a user-friendly dashboard, allowing for timely, tailored interventions that establish an optimal foundation for lifelong health. One of The Salutogenic Assistant 's standout features is the Citizen Toolbox in the output stage, designed to provide tools for both personal well-being and effective civic action.

Advanced AI technologies, grounded in cognitive science and Information Processing Theory, generate personalized recommendations that not only promote health resources but also address individual needs and community aspects. TSAP is committed to reducing health disparities by addressing social and structural determinants of health, offering a comprehensive approach to individual and community betterment.

Through regular updates, user feedback, and the integration of the latest research, The Salutogenic Assistant continuously evolves, pioneering a paradigm shift in maternal and infant care. By laying the groundwork for lifelong flourishing, The Salutogenic Assistant sets new standards for intelligently, equitably, and effectively nurturing individuals, families, and communities.

Key aspects of The Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant:

  • Extended APGAR Concept: The Salutogenic Assistant builds upon the traditional APGAR test for newborns to offer a more comprehensive, ongoing assessment spanning the first 1000 days of life.

  • AI-Powered: Utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and AI technologies for data-driven, personalized health assessments and interventions.

  • Salutogenic Model: Rooted in the salutogenic paradigm that emphasizes the proactive creation and maintenance of health and well-being.

  • Democracy & Citizenism: Aligned with the Democracy of Opportunity Initiative and the Citizenism Paradigm, promoting equitable access to health resources as a cornerstone of a well-functioning democracy.

  • Holistic Data Analysis: Integrates diverse health data sources, including clinical records, nutritional logs, and social determinants, for a holistic view of maternal and infant well-being.

  • Tailored Interventions: Provides timely, evidence-based interventions that are tailored to individual needs, family dynamics, and broader social contexts.

  • Citizen Toolbox: Features a unique Citizen Toolbox in the output stage to promote not just personal well-being, but also civic action and community health.

  • Reducing Health Disparities: Aims to minimize health disparities by addressing social and structural determinants, thereby promoting equitable opportunities for all.

  • Multidimensional Focus: Offers a broad spectrum of services and insights that span both individual and community well-being, with special attention to maternal and infant health.

  • Continuous Evolution: Regular updates, integration of the latest research, and user feedback ensure that the platform remains at the forefront of maternal and infant care innovation.

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Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant: Architectural Overview

The Salutogenic Assistant operates through a four-stage architecture: Input, Integration and Analysis, Output, and Outcome Tracking. Each stage performs a crucial role to provide a comprehensive healthcare approach.

User Interface

  • User Interface: Designed for simplicity and ease of use, allowing both families and healthcare stakeholders to interact with the system effortlessly. Enables profile creation for customized experiences.

    • Stakeholder Focus: Directs interaction based on stakeholder involvement.

    • Natural Language Processing: Facilitates complex queries through nuanced linguistic interactions.

    • Interactive Visualizations: Graphical representations like maps and charts showcase resources and key metrics.


  • Comprehensive Data Harvesting: Gathers a vast array of data points, from medical history and environmental factors to psychosocial elements, with a special focus on the critical first 1000 days.

    • Personalized Data: Includes individual health metrics, habits, and preferences.

    • Knowledge Base: A repository of evidence-based literature and expert insights.

    • Inventories: Customizable questionnaires for thorough health assessments.

    • Checklists: Tailored action items for health optimization.

    • Resources: Curated lists of community resources.

    • Prompt Library: Chatbot-generated educational content on health and well-being.

Integration and Analysis

  • Data Integration: Employs AI algorithms to merge individual data with our evolving knowledge base.

    • Contextual Analysis: Incorporates geospatial, social, and political context.

    • Biological Factors: Analyzes genetic and physiological data.

    • Domain-Specific AI: Focuses on determinants of maternal and infant health, including preconception factors.

    • LLMs (Language Learning Models): Uses advanced models like ChatGPT for relatable and comprehensible health insights.


  • Personalized Reports: Offers detailed analysis of health status, risks, and recommended interventions.

    • Action Items: Clear, executable steps for users to improve health.

    • Citizen Toolkits: Resources and tools for both personal health and civic engagement.

    • Citizen Brief: A framework that empowers individual and community action.

Outcome Tracking

  • Dashboards: Provides a user-friendly interface for tracking both personal and community health metrics, offering a continual feedback loop for health optimization.

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